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Transformative Reiki Healing and Bodywork Sessions

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First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to visit my website! Second, you are here for a reason, not by coincidence. How can I help you?

  • Improve Self-Care
  • Increase Clarity
  • Clear Emotional Blocks
  • Reduce Physical Pain
  • Maintain Balance and Well-Being


Let me further introduce myself...

My name is Lindsey, and I was once consumed in a world of fear, anxiety, depression, and in a constant state of chronic fatigue. I was driven in my corporate career and assumed that to achieve what I needed in life I had to work countless hours, self-sacrifice my needs, and to control every aspect of my life day in and day out. Happiness and joy only existed outside of myself and I would find it in material items, substance abuse, or in toxic relationships.

It was in my darkest hour that I sent a cry for help and received the guidance that I needed. After walking away from the corporate world and into a path of the unknown, I took a leap of FAITH and reached out of my egoic illusion of fear into a place of LOVE and HEALING. I realized this would not be an overnight process but it was sheer TRUST in knowing that I had a purpose and there was more to who I was than I could even process or understand. There just had to be more... more to me and more to life! I started receiving energy healing treatments like Reiki combined with bodywork like massage therapy. I learned how to meditate, journaled daily, explored how to increase my life-force (CHI) through practices like yoga and breathwork, and cleared the subconscious mind of destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns. In addition to completing my massage therapy certification, I studied under several spiritual mentors, emerged myself in continuous self-studies and training in energy healing modalities like Reiki and learned how to become a clear channel in balancing the energy centers of the body known as the chakras and meridians.

It was in this time period that I discovered my spiritual gifts as an empath, healer, and channel for the Divine. Within the scope of these gifts, I experienced what makes healing possible. Happiness, joy, and love were no longer something I seeked outside of myself, because it already existed INSIDE of me. It was there all along! I simply had to go back to the Source and learn the tools to activate it.

In honoring my gifts, I hold so much joy and gratitude for the service I am able to provide to others for healing, and to teach what makes healing possible. My purpose is to be a conduit of love and light in co-creation with Source energy to shine the way for others to grow in their path to healing and personal growth.

In transforming our mind, body, and spirit, we transform our life. The inner shapes the outer. After we make the choice to do so, we TRUST, have FAITH, and SURRENDER into the Divine knowing that we are always supported, and we are always LOVED.

We are ONE. We are LOVE. We are LIGHT.

Blessings, love, and gratitude,


"In my sessions, we together hold a vibrational space of love, kindness, and joy. In doing so, my clients feel a sense of peace in every aspect of their lives regardless of outside circumstances. We hold this space of love and light, so that we can see our truth, and let our inner light fully shine."


 “The root of all health is in the brain.
The trunk of it is in emotion.
The branches and leaves are the body.
The flower of health blooms
when all parts work together.”  

- Kurdish folk wisdom